Need help?

Occasionally things go wrong...

Check out our FAQs below to see whether they help. If not then you can reach out via the contact form, or email us at


    I didn't receive a License Key for my Order

    The license keys for orders don’t arrive immediately, but may take up to 24hrs to arrive separately via email. If it has been 24hrs since an order and the license keys still haven’t arrived, then use the form above to contact us.


    What's your Money-Back Policy?

    We offer trial versions of all our purchasable products that are valid for 14-days.  Therefore we do not offer refunds, as we recommend you trial the product before purchasing the full version.


    I Don't Understand How this Product Works

    We won’t disclose how the internal systems of our products work (hopefully our source code is well commented enough to work it through), however we can explain what the input parameters achieve. Contact us on the form above, and we’ll slowly introduce handling documents for our products.

    What are your top trading indicators?

    Now that really would be telling, and sadly we probably will never publish a definitive list.

    However, we can say that some of our top indicators are published on this site; they are in articles, and available on the store, some free, some paid.


    I have a MAC, How do I install cTrader?

    cTrader is currently only available on Android / Windows, however it is possible to get cTrader Automate on Mac by dual-booting your Mac with Windows.

    You can find our article on dual-booting your Mac with Windows 10 here.


    How do I install the Indicator / cBot?

    Extract the “.algo” file(s) from the zip file download and follow this process for each: open the indicator “.algo” file > confirm the indicator installation with cTrader.